Chilean Wines Company is a family-owned and operated business located in the heart of the Maule Valley in central Chile. The Guerra family has planted and developed 750 hectares of vineyards throughout Maule Valley. Our focus has been to explore and experiment with different varietals based on the various microclimates within the Valley, achieving an authentic expression of each terroir.

Chile’s wine origins began in Maule Valley original wine growing region and today the region produces the most wine in the entire country. Chile’s wine heritage began here when the first European settlers arrived in the country. These settlers chose Maule for its superior climatic conditions and ideal soil for growing wine grapes, the same conditions that provide the foundation for the production of exceptional grapes and world class wines today.

When our family migrated to Chile from northern Italy in 1920, our ancestors chose Maule Valley for the very purpose of continuing our own family wine traditions. Using wine roots carefully carried across the long ocean journey, our family planted new vineyards to continue our family’s wine heritage in this new land.

Our longstanding experience in working within the various microclimates and land in Maule Valley provides us with a unique ability to deliver the ultimate expression of the varietals with which we work.

Currently, Chilean Wines Company brands are exported to more than 30 countries around the world.

"As our ancestors used to say, 80% of a great wine is made in the vineyard. For this we must work tirelessly, always discovering, learning, and seeking to understand what the Maule Valley has to offer." In this way we continuously explore the areas and microclimates that allow us the best grape production.

Excellence, passion, terroir, and family are the words that best define the unique nature of our wines.

Our awards

Decanter 2012

Bronze Medal Lauca Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

Decanter 2010

Bronze Medal Lauca Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

Concurse Mondial de Bruxelles, Belgium

Lauca Gran Reserva Blend

Concurse Mondial de Bruxelles, Belgium

Lauca Reserva Chardonnay

International Wines Challenge

International Wine Challenge Silver Medal Lauca R. Carignan 2010

International Wine Challenge

Silver Medal Lauca Gran Reserva Blend