Chilean Wines Company has an expansive array vineyards that span the width of Maule Valley -- from the foot of the Cordillera of the Andes, through the heart of Maule Valley and to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Across this varying landscape, the different microclimates and soils allow us to develop a wide range of wine varietals.

We focus our energies to fully explore each of these micro-terroirs, enabling us to understand the nuances and capabilities of each unique piece of land. This intimate knowledge allows us to select the perfect grape variety for each individual location.

Maule Valley’s the Mediterranean climate, with a wide temperature range created by warm days and cold nights in combination with our low-production vineyard management approach yields grapes of high quality and strength. These characteristics translate into wines of great fruitiness, intensity, and complexity that are difficult to find in other wine growing regions throughout the world.